Thermally Modified Hardwoods


The Thermo treatment process of wood is an all natural, non toxic, steam and hot air process, in which the wood is heated to a high temperature for prolonged amounts of time, under the control of specially developed secret cooking recipes that have taken decades to develop and perfect. As a result, the sugars in the wood are changed, which allows it not to be digested by insects, In turn dramatically reducing the rot and decay of the wood. During the process, the color of the wood is naturally changed to a beautiful walnut like-chocolate color

Product Specifications

    Main uses

  • Building components
  • Wall and ceiling panels in dry conditions
  • furniture
  • garden furniture
  • door and window component
  • sauna products
  • flooring
  • fascia boards
  • cladding
  • shutters
  • exterior joinery
  • sound barries
  • sauna and bathroom furnishing
  • decking
  • garden furniture
  • other exterior structures


  • 4/4
  • 6/4
  • 8/4
  • 10/4


  • FAS/IF
  • # 1 COMMON

Thermally Modified Hardwoods